The mini-cups in the bags may be packed in 16g, 19g, 24g and 45g.

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Our pudding and jelly cups are available in 80g, 120g and 130g.

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The mini-cups; 16g, 19g, 24g and 45g may be packed into Jars.

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Our Tube Jelly size may vary from 20g to 30g each per stick.

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About Us

Incorporated in Year 2008, CHC Gourmet Sdn. Bhd. acquired more than a decade of experience and expertise of producing Jelly and Puddings by taking over a pudding manufacturing plant in Johore, Malaysia. Our Jelly and Puddings are marketed under the brand ‘Delwin’ and ‘PIPO’.

Delwin’s pudding and jelly have a distinct taste and a unique texture. Over the years, our products have sold well in the global markets. Today, many people in the USA, Europe, Korea, China, India, Singapore, Middle East and others are able to enjoy our Jelly and Puddings which are exported there.

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Our puddings and jellies are available in Cups, Bags, Jars and Tube

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